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Ancestry DNA – Buying and Activation

    ancestry DNA

    What Is Ancestry DNA?

    An ancestry DNA is the newest DNA test for finding relatives so that you can expand your genealogy research. It helps you to find your ancestors quickly and in the right manner.

    In addition, a reader can learn detailed information about Ancestry DNA. We have covered below questions and answers.

    Where To Purchase Ancestry DNA Kit From?

    You can purchase a DNA kit from It will cost you $99, and the kit will be sent to your address. You need to send your saliva to ancestry. Please make sure to provide the correct address.

    Ancestry Kit vs Other DNA Kit

    CircleDNA is one of the DNA tests companies. The kit and service start from $170 to $566. A circle is more focused on health issues. They use the swab method for tests. Please check their site for more information.

    MyHeritage does the DNA testing too. The company charges $59 to start with. They use the swab method too. MyHeritage is focused on genealogy.

    FamilyTreeDNA has a lot of testing options. They are focused on health and genealogy both dan testing. The cost of FamilyTreeDNA starts from $119 to $159. They use the swab method too.

    Note – all these mentioned companies will send you detailed instructions. You can follow the instruction and send your test to the selected company by you.

    How To Activate The Ancestry Kit?

    To activate it, you will need to have an account with You will need an active email address. Please visit the ancestry DNA. On the top right corner, you will see an option to activate a kit. Please find an image below.

    Ancestry dna

    Click on activate a kit. The next screen will ask you to sign in and will give you an option to create a free account. If you do not have an account, then you should create one and follow the process to activate your DNA kit.

    When you send your DNA test to ancestry there is an activation code. You will need to enter the code on the next screen to continue. Please find the image below.

    Activation process of ancestry dna

    That’s all for now. We will update our blog again as soon as we can with more information related to ancestry. You can keep reading us. Please note images are only for representational purposes. We are not an ancestry DNA testing company or ancestry.

    For our expert help, visit Ancestry Tech Help.


    Ques: Is ancestry DNA accurate?

    Ans: Ancestry DNA is very high accuracy when it comes to reading each of the hundreds or thousands in your DNA. The accuracy of AncetryDNA is about 99% correct.

    Ques: Is ancestryDNA better than 23andMe?

    Ans: Although ancestry and 23andMe both are good but ancestry has much larger genealogy database than 23andMe. Ancestry has 20 million genealogy records while 23andMe has only 12 million. 23andMe has advanced health testing that makes it better if you want health tests also.

    Ques: Why shouldn’t get a DNA test?

    Ans: Privacy is the reason that some people don’t get a DNA test.

    Ques: How much is 23andMe cost?

    Ans: The cost of 23andMe is $299 and sometimes the company has lowered the price of it up to $99.