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Create A New Tree On Ancestry In Simple Steps!

    Create a new tree on ancestry

    You can create a new tree on ancestry without any extra chargers. To experience more, subscribe to it for viewing data matches and other subscribers’ trees. is one of the world’s largest and most reputed subscription collections of genealogy databases.

    Also, it costs around 100 million family trees containing approximately 13 billion profiles of ancestors, including more than 330 million photographs, scanned documents, and written stories related to those trees.

    To Begin To Create A New Tree On Ancestry, Follow The Steps As Follows:

    • First, go to any page on Ancestry and move to the trees tab. There, choose to start a new tree or go ahead to create and manage trees.
    • Choose to create a new tree > add yourself or add the home person.
    • Write down the information in the given field and choose the save or continue option.
    • Go ahead to add a father or add mother option. Write down the details there and choose the save option.
    • Follow the on-screen steps for adding more people, and after creating your tree, you will get access to it from the trees tab.
    • For adding children, go to yourself and choose tools. There, select add relative > child. And for adding grandchildren, choose your child and then add a child to it.

    Thus, you can instantly create a new tree of Ancestry on your respective device.

    Things To Consider While Filling The Information In A Tree

    Section for names:
    Write down the full names if possible. Also, it suggested using maiden names for women by leaving them with married names.
    Section for dates:
    Write down the dates correctly in DDMMYYYY format (21 June 2022). If you don’t remember the date, year, or month, you can use the words like about, before, or after the date. Also, for indicating an estimate, you can write down ca.
    Section for places:
    You can use the drop-down to select places in Ancestry.

    To change the mistakes, follow the steps as follows:

    • Go to someone in your tree and choose the quick edit option.
    • Correct all the incorrect information in the respective tree.
    • Choose the save option finally to correct the mistakes.

    Note: Gather all the information for your trees such as family group sheets, photographs, birth/death/marriage certificates, journals/letter/diaries, families’ bibles, and so on.

    How To Share Your New Tree? Well, it is quite simple to share it with your family and friends. Move ahead to Ancestry and go ahead to the trees tab there. Choose a tree and from that, go ahead to the share option mentioned in the top-right corner.

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