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How To Download Ancestry DNA Results In Simple And Quick Way

    Download Ancestry DNA Results

    Download Ancestry DNA Results so you can work on your family tree. With the help of this, one can easily estimate the ethnicity estimate. So can easily match with the genetic relatives and predict the traits.

    So it is raw data. If you want to download it, follow this article and feel free to contact professionals for any related issues to DNA data.

    Download Ancestry DNA Results Are As Follows:

    • First, you must move to the test management section and choose the download option next to download DNA data.
    • Go to the password option, write the new password, look for the box, and then choose to confirm the choice.
    • After doing so, you will get an email that will contain the link for the confirmation.
    • Then click the download DNA data option, and then after doing so, you will get a download link, and it will expire within a week. So, you must do it within a week.
    • After downloading it to your computer, you will see the file name with DNA-data(data).zip. And if you cannot find it, you need to look for the downloads folder.
    • You are required to then write down the file name in the given search field, and in case you have an Apple device, you are required to choose the spotlight that appears in the top-right corner quickly.

    To open the respective file, you need to double-click on that; thus, you can easily download it on your device.


    Suppose you get a download error message while downloading the DNA data, then in such case. In that case, you need to clear all the caches and cookies first and then try downloading it and make sure to have enough space for downloading the individual file on your computer. Or, you can reach on Download Ancestry DNA Results Support Helpline for any related troubles.