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Sharing A Family Tree From

    sharing a family tree

    In this blog, you will learn sharing a family tree from ancestry. Follow the easy steps and send your tree to family or friends. Please do not share your tree with an anonymous person.

    Sharing A Family Tree with Ancestry  These Easy Steps:-

    • Login to your ancestry account.
    • Click on the tree, you want to share.
    • On the top right corner, you will see a button that says invite as displayed in the below picture.

    • Once you click on the invite, you will get another window asking you to choose the role of the person. This role will decide what they can do in your tree in your account of ancestry.
    • There are three roles that you can choose “Guest”, “Contributor” and “Editor”.
    • Chose guest if a person is not a family member and just going to view your tree.
    • Select contributor if you want a person to view, comment, or add photos and other information related to the tree.
    • Select editor if you want a person to view the tree, comment, or add photos and other information related to the tree. Please note editor can view living people too.
    • After selecting the role, click on create a link.

    Please note there is three option that you will have to share your ancestry family tree from your ancestry account. Please see the image displayed below. There are three-tab “Invite link”, “Email” and “Username”.

    Ancestry family tree sharing

    1. Invite link will allow you to create a link and then you can send it through any source of communication you have digitally. You can use social media messenger or email.
    2. The email option will allow you to send an email from your ancestry account.
    • Username will allow you to share your family tree. This will send a notification to the person’s ancestry account.

    What if someone does not have an ancestry account?

    Note – if someone wants to see a family tree of an ancestry user then the person must have either an ancestry account or any genealogy app that supports the Gedcom file.

    A user can create a Gedcom file of the family tree and send it to the person he/she wants to share the family tree with.

    If you have questions, please feel free to call us our Ancestry Support Number +1-888-299-3207, we are 24×7 available to answer all your questions related to genealogy.