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Error Displaying Tree In Family View On Ancestry

    error when displaying tree

    Error When Displaying Tree In Family View On Ancestry

    In this blog, we will discuss Error when displaying Tree in family views on ancestry. If you get an error while you are trying to view your tree in family view, then this blog may help you get this issue resolved. Please note there could be a relationship issue in your tree that we will need to fix.

    What Went Wrong?

    There are a few common things that may cause this error. You may have entered the wrong relationship in your tree or a person in your tree has multiple relationships. For example, a person married to someone in the family who was far from a cousin too. So, when you try to use the family view, ancestry’s trying to display both the relationship and that’s why you get this error.

    What If Relationships Are Correct In My Tree And I Still Get An Error?

    Please check if there is no duplication of a person in your tree. Sometimes we insert the same person twice unintentionally and that could cause this issue too. If everything looks good to you and if you still get this error, then follow the steps below to switch to pedigree view.

    • Please login to your ancestry account. Select the tree that you have issues with and then click on the icon displayed in the image.
    • This will help you switch from the family view to the pedigree view.Error When Displaying Tree

    What Should I Do, I Am Logged In But Not Able To See My Tree?

    First, check if you are logged in to the right account. If you are not, then log out and log in to the account in which you have a tree. If you forgot your id or password then go to our blog to learn how to recover your ID and password.

    In case you are still facing this issue then, you can try to clear your cache of the browser.  Now try to log in to your ancestry again.


    This is how you can fix the error when displaying the tree. If still, it shows the error then contact the Ancestry Tech Help. We give you the best solution to your problem. A FAQ is also given for your help. Please check that and get your issues’ answers quickly.

    FAQ On Error When Displaying Tree

    Ques: How do I turn on family view?

    Ans: To open the family view go to the family tab on the left side of your computer’s screen. Select manage family view to start the family view wizard. Your family view will start.

    Ques: How do I get rid of family view?

    Ans: To get rid of family view opens the steam setting menu. Then go to the family tab on the left side of the window. Click on the manage family view and select disable family view in the family view window. At last, confirm your selection.

    Ques: What does the family view do?

    Ans: Using the family view feature parents establish their own rules. Apart from this, you can also set a limit on account’s access to a subset.

    Ques: How do you delete a steam account?

    Ans: To delete a steam account first open up steam. Then go to the top right in the menu and click on the account details. After that, scroll the page down and select delete my steam account. Then further information is shown in the next window.