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All details about Ancestry Hints

    Ancestry Hints is basically the records of other family trees that includes the information about the people in the respective trees. Some databases that are included in it consists of:

    • Census records
    • Birth records
    • Marriage records
    • Death records
    • Public family trees

    Finding Ancestry Hints

    Ancestry Hints For One Person:

    • In this whole procedure, you need to go to the browse instantly and then go to the Person.
    • Give a click on the number of hints and then choose view profile.
    • Simply go to the hints or you can choose view Hints depending on your device.

    Ancestry Hints For Whole Tree:

    • For the whole tree, you need to go to the leaf mentioned in the navigation bar mentioned at the top. Go to all recent hints in.
    • After that, you need to choose the tree and then go to discover mentioned at the bottom, then choose all hints mentioned at the top instantly.

    Viewing Hints From The Ancestry App

    For viewing hints from the ancestry app, you need to follow the steps as follows.

    • First of all you need to move ahead to someone mentioned in your tree.
    • Go to view profile and then choose hints or view hints.
    • Then just go to the hint for examining it.
    • You have to then move to yes option and if prompted, you need to choose others in the respective tree.
    • Go to save record and finally to save option.

    View Hints From The Browser

    But if you want to view hints from the browser, you need to follow the steps as follows.

    • Click on a person mentioned in the tree quickly.
    • Then you appears the number of hints there.
    • For comparing the information, you need to go to quick compare option.
    • Then choose the review option for seeing more about the details about the hint.
    • You have to then go to compare details instantly and for expanding the panel, Just give a click on left-facing arrow mentioned on the left-side of the respective panel.
    • Go to yes option for accepting the hints. Click on edit to all option quickly.
    • You need to move to the bottom of the respective panel and choose next option.
    • For adding the people on the tree, you need to check down the box that is just next to their names.
    • Important and final step, go to save to tree mentioned at the bottom of the respective panel.

    Undecided or Ignored Hints

    You can easily find undecided or ignored hints by following the steps as follows.

    From The Ancestry App

    • Tap someone mentioned in the respective tree.
    • Go to the view profile and choose hints or view hints option.
    • You need to go to undecided or ignored option and then move to the hints for viewing the respective details.
    • Also, for adding or ignoring the hints, you need to follow the on-screen prompts for finding undecided or ignored hints.

    From The Web Browser

    • Click on the someone mentioned on the tree.
    • Choose profile and then go to the hints tab.
    • You have to then go to the hints tab and then need to go to new, undecided, ignored, and accepted option.

    For turning member tree hints and potential relatives, you need to go and choose your name or username mentioned in the top-right corner. Go ahead to account settings option.

    Choose tree option there. Then go to member tree hints or potential relatives not yet in your respective tree and then need to instantly toggle on or off accordingly.

    Have Any Queries?

    If still, something is bothering you related to Ancestry Hints then without giving it a second thought, you need to contact the professional for quick help.

    The Ancestry Tech team are available 24 hours, so reach them instantly for help related to Ancestry Hints.

    If you need any help You can call us our Ancestry Tech toll free number +1-888-299-3207.

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